Friday, February 22, 2013

Hello, Milo!

Milo was officially 1 month old on Valentine's Day!
It's funny how in the first year, every little month that goes by is such a big deal.
Babies just change so fast and if you blink, you might miss something.

We like to say, "Hello, Milo!" whenever we talk to him.
It has a nice little ring to it.
We know he likes it because he kind-of-almost smiles when we say it.
Owen started the trend, but he actually says, "Lello, Lilo."
Owen isn't the communicator that his older brother Ande is, but when he does talk it just melts your heart.
He has also taken to calling Milo a cutie pie, which really sounds like, dee dee die.

Watching Ande and Owen interact with Milo is probably my favorite thing so far.

Happy Friday!
I will be off judging a small town pageant tomorrow.
I'm excited because I'll be spending the day with my college room mate/best friend!
But, I'm also a little sad to be away from Milo allll day! Yikes!

What are your weekend plans?

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