Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Crochet Love {Easter Egg Garland}

Today, I just wanted to share a fun little crochet project that you could work up really quickly for Easter!

Garlands are one of my favorite ways to decorate.
I love to hang them along our fireplace.
This little Easter egg garland is perfectly simple.
Forget all of the commercialized, tacky decorations.
All you need is some sweetly colored yarn.

Here's how you make it:
1. ch 4. Sl st in first ch to create a loop.
2. Ch 2. Work 11 dc in center of loop. Sl st in top of ch 2.
3. Ch 2. Work 1 dc in same st. Work 2 dc in each remaining st.
4. Ch 2. Work 1 hdc in same st. 1 hdc in next st. 2 dc in next st. 1 dc in next st. 2 trdc in next st. 1 trdc in next st. 2 dc in next st. 1 dc in next st. 2 hdc in next st. 1 hdc in next st. *2 sc in next st. 1 sc in next st. Repeat from * to complete the circle. Sl st in top loop of ch 2. Fasten off. Weave in loose ends.
5. Create 10-15 crochet eggs.
6. Ch 50. Sl st in top st of first egg. Ch 20. Sl st in top st of next egg. Continue until each egg is connected. Finish with ch 50. 

That's it! 

A simple Easter decoration.
This would be cute with a variety of pastel colored yarn,
but I am definitely loving this mint/cream color combination!


  1. What a cute way to decorate for easter! thanks for sharing the pattern.

  2. Really lovely, crochet is totally my thing. I'm visiting from Someday Crafts so I can't wait to see your other posts. Happy Easter