Thursday, April 18, 2013

On being responsible

We blessed Milo at church this past Sunday.
I love baby blessings, but especially my baby's blessings.
Curtis has such a way with words, 
and you can tell he really makes an effort to make their blessings meaningful and special.

Yesterday, as I sat at the park watching the boys play, thinking about the blessing and Ande's birthday,
I suddenly became overwhelmed with responsibility-
the responsibility of raising these precious souls.

There are so many things I want them to know and be.
What if I am not doing this parenthood thing right?
I want my boys to be brave, kind, smart, and gracious.
I want them to be strong, healthy, respectful, and to have a love for the gospel.

Knowing that it's my responsibility to make sure they turn out like that kind of scares me.
What if I screw up?
All I know is that I need to be a little better.


  1. i can echo all those feelings. I think those feelings mean that we are trying hard right :)!? I was thinking about you guys all weekend. I hope it was sp special!

  2. Loving them is the single most important thing you can do, you are already ahead of the game because you love shows through every post you write,