Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A few changes here and there...

So my little one week break turned into almost a month.
It was great, and it was kind of hard to get myself to write anything again.
Trying to post more often just became too much for me,
and it kinda started to feel in-genuine.
I realized something while taking time off...

...I blog for myself and my family for the sake of recording our life, to remember all of the fun stuff the boys do as they grow, and to record the things I make...

I think when blogs become more about sharing what you think other people want to read/see, coming up with posts just for the sake of posting,
they become silly and fake.

So anyways, agree or disagree as you will.
I am going to continue this blog because I want to record memories from the things that I love,
but I'm not doing it for anyone else's approval.
That's all.


Now for a little business,
Along with the new blog design by my ridiculously talented friend, Mary 
(who doesn't design anymore, but totally should because she's so good),
I have changed a couple things to keep all my pages more cohesive.

If you follow me on Facebook, I started a new page because it wouldn't let me change the name of my existing page. You can now catch up on posts and shop updates by liking LoveCityCrochet.

My Etsy shop has also changed names (Curtsay Designs is no more), to LoveCityCrochet. Although, if you type in Curtsay Designs, it will still redirect you to the new name.


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