Friday, June 28, 2013

Frinstagram {happenings in June}

...this week's instagram (and iphone) photos on Friday...

{If you ever hear Ande making weird noises, scrunching up his face, and contorting his body in a strange way, don't worry. He's just a transformer.}

{Owen is at my favorite stage. He is talking so much, learning what seems like a hundred new words a day, and speaking in full sentences. It's so fun to finally know what's going on in that big head of his. Right now, he's saying "Why?" a whole lot...he begs for "Chee-ahl" (cereal) every morning...and asks "Where did Daddy go?" several times a day.}

{Milo is pretty much attached to me all day long, whether he's eating or contently sitting on my hip. He will probably never learn to sit up because he only wants to stand and thinks he can already do it himself. He never stops wiggling and we are pretty much all smitten by him!}

{I actually finished a crochet project. I even took some pictures of it. It's possible I might find the gumption to actually post them on the blog at some point. Stay tuned.}

{For my birthday, I got to sign up for a "beginning knitting" class. I had my first class this week and it was great! It still feels a little awkward figuring out how to hold two needles instead of just one hook, but it is so fun to expand my skills. If I wasn't before...I am now officially a grandma.}


Since Ande was in preschool for the first time this past year, we actually had an "end to the school year-start of summer." It made the idea of summer feel so exciting. We celebrated Ande's last day of school with milkshakes, try to get to the pool as often as I have the energy, and we're trying to have as much fun as possible! I am so excited for July 4th, traveling up to Gettysburg to meet up with family, Ande starting summer camp, and of course more pool time!

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  1. So glad you were able to take a knitting class! I would say "that sounds like fun" but I would probably end up screaming, throwing my knitting tools down, and running out of there.

    So awesome that you guys are going to be able to go to Gettysburg. That will be fun!