Wednesday, June 12, 2013

splashing around is what we do best

The boys have been splashing around in their little backyard pool almost every afternoon.
They love being in the water, and I love keeping them outside while Milo takes his afternoon nap!
On days that I'm feeling extra ambitious, we head over to the real pool.
It is quite an undertaking to get everything in the pool bag,
to get water diapers, bathing suits, and sun screen on three wiggly bodies,
and to get everybody to the pool.
It is definitely a process, but I seriously love this time of year.
Nothing beats relaxing in the warm sun and cool water.
My goal this summer is to get Ande swimming...he's kind of a weenie about it.
Any advice?

1 comment :

  1. when did your boys get so big?? They all look so cute in the pool--i love how kids aren't deterred by cold water temps!