Sunday, March 23, 2014

Frinstagram {our weekend of sun and surprises}

...this week's Instagram photos on Friday...

(or in this case, on Sunday)

We had a fantastic weekend! Friday  morning I was pulling out a load of laundry when suddenly my sister walked through the door! She and her husband live in Utah where they go to school. They don't make it back home very often, which is why I was utterly and happily surprised! Having them home meant a big family dinner which is always fun because the cousins run and squeal in delight the entire time.

Also, I'm very glad that the sun decided to show itself again. It keeps teasing us with little bits of warmth and then hides again, pelting us with cold, nasty rain. What is with that? Please stay this time. I bought some window flower boxes yesterday and I am so excited to get them all set up with flowers and herbs! Any suggestions?

How was your weekend? I'd love to hear! 

As always, you can find me @ LindsayHaynie on Instagram. And don't forget to hashtag your favorite heartfelt moments with #myfullheart so we can all share in the love!

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