Wednesday, August 27, 2014

the trouble with toddlers

You know what the trouble with toddlers is? 

They're not babies anymore and they're so dang independent!

They pull you in with all their snuggles and chubby baby-ness and then BAM, they learn how to walk.

Suddenly they don't think they need you anymore.

They're still cute...saying funny things as they learn how to talk, their obsession with monkeys, and the pitter patter of their feet around the house all day. They're even still a little bit chubby. 

When they say, "yuh-yoo" instead of "love you" and "buckey" for "monkey" your heart melts into a puddle and you just want to squeaze them and kiss their cheeks off. 

But good luck catching them.

They're too busy trying to keep up with their older brothers, or walking around in your headband, or putting their shoes on all by their self. 

You might be fast enough to scoop them up for a smooch, so enjoy that brief moment for all it's worth.

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