Wednesday, November 2, 2016

falling for fall

Temperatures drop, leaves fall, and days shorten. It's finally fall, a season of change and a feeling of togetherness. 

Just like the season, our family is getting used to change, and it's a good change. We're a family of six now and we're still getting used to what that's like. Having Lucy around has allowed life to slow down a bit. We have to plan our outings a little better, and we often find ourselves staying in more often. Not being able to jet set around town and being in the home more is actually kind of hard for me, but I'm embracing the slower pace and trying to be more engaged in mothering the kids. This fall I've spent more time building Lego's, reading books, sitting on park benches, swinging, and dare I say! By the end of the day, I am exhausted, but in a good way. The exhaustion makes me feel like I accomplished something, and I need that feeling. Sometimes I feel like just being a mom isn't as fulfilling to me as it might be to other stay at home moms. I like to have something to work on, something to sell, something to make. But I'm glad that having a baby has given me a chance to feel a little peace in the day to day. Every night, no matter how tired I am, I try to take a walk around the neighborhood. I usually listen to a podcast and scare myself silly on this one dark street, but it has been something I really look forward to. I'll be bummed when it gets too cold for it. 

This fall, the kids have all grown, and learned, and changed so quickly. They're all in school (Milo in preschool), and something about school really just makes them grow up so fast. I love it and I hate it all at the same time. Lucy is also growing and becoming such a fun baby. We live for her smiles and coos. I'm constantly covered in milk and spit up, but I'm getting used to the smell and one little smile from that girl makes it all worth it. So far this fall, we have had a lot of fun park days, family walks, and a trip to the pumpkin patch. On Halloween the boys wore their silly costumes and I will cherish the memories of that night so much. It was truly one of my favorite Halloween night's ever. I wish so badly that I had captured every moment of trick or treating on film...Ande in his astronaut helmet with his candy bag attached to his belt, Owen in his spider outfit with those spider legs bouncing around, and Milo running, white faced, in his ghost costume shouting, "Wow! Look at all this candy!" after! I almost missed those moments because of a very tired baby, but we found a way for me to join the fun and I'm so glad. 

There have certainly been a lot of challenges this fall with the growth of our family, and a new baby around. I'm struggling with mom guilt a lot, wishing I could have more arms to be there for each and every kid every time they  need it, and definitely feeling a little old at times. But I also wish I could bottle up the love that little Lucy has given our family. I am really enjoying the tenderness she's given her brothers. They love her, and nurture her, and because of that I think our family is going to be better than ever. 

So this year, I've fallen in love with fall. I love the changes we've experienced this year and I so look forward to the future (except January...January is brutal...we could skip that chilly month! ;) )

Below are some fun moments from our visit to the pumpkin patch, and other fall fun...













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