Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Hilarious Read-Aloud Book & Our Summer Reading Challenge!


So often, when the boys are out of school, we get so busy that any sort of learning goes out the window! I love planning fun activities for the kids, but I also want to make sure they don't fall behind in their school work! This summer, I decided that we were going to slowwww down, enjoy just being together rather than making a bunch of plans, and spend a lot of time reading!


To make this happen, I set up a chore/reward chart for the kids (which I'll write all about soon!). As part of their morning chores, they have reading time while Lucy takes her morning nap. They spend that time reading on their own. The boys like reading, and are great readers, but they will usually choose to play instead. I've found that setting that time aside specifically for reading has not only made them read more, but it has allowed them to really enjoy and get invested in some new book series!

Lucky for us, a brand new library opened up right around the corner from our home! So, we decided that we would make a trip to the library once a week during our summer break!


Our county library's have also implemented a fun summer reading program. Every week, in addition to picking out new books, we've gone to some really fun activities! So far we have built a roller coaster, saw and learned about real life owls and other "raptors," and attended a fun magic show! It has been the perfect way to keep the boys learning, but also having some low-key summer fun!


Here are some of the kid's favorite reads so far this summer:

Ande: Galaxy Zack (although he's plowing through them, and may need a more difficult series next time), Super Fly, and How The World Works

Owen: Any Easy Reader book he can get his hands on!

Milo: Froggy books, and of course Curious George!

Lucy: Any Duck & Goose books, Baby Lit books, and B is for Bear


Placing a lot of focus on reading this summer has already been so wonderful. I can almost see their little minds expanding! Along with reading on their own, we have always loved when the kids pile on my lap and I real aloud to them.

Our absolute favorite read aloud book is called Runny Babbit! It is a collection of hilarious poems by Shel Silverstein where all of the words are switched and flopped around. We can't get through one line of a poem without bursting into laughter! We've read it cover to cover several times and laugh just as much every time!


Some of my favorite childhood memories are the nights when my mom would sit next to me on my bed and read to me. I'm so glad that I decided to make reading a priority with my kids this summer! We are enjoying the slow, quiet mornings!


What are your kid's favorite books!? I'm always looking for suggestions! Do you have any summer chores or goals to keep the boredom at bay?

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  1. Marsha G AndersonJune 29, 2017 at 3:55 PM

    I miss those days when I would read aloud to you and your siblings. My favorite was the Harry Potter series.