Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother I love you!

After being stuck in the house with Anderson for a day Lindsay was ready to get outside. She didn't know hat she wanted to do or where she wanted to go, but it had to be... out! After thinking about it she decided we should go to the park where Ande could get his wiggles out and have fun. After spending the whole day with him inside, she couldn't think of anything more important to her than watching him learn and grow and make friends outside... Lindsay is the Andes favorite mom! No matter how much time they spend together he can't get enough of her. I'll let him express his own feelings:

nb            m,m,889i nvnb vzdxz sbd vnnnnn mbbbxjn  nb

The evidence is clear folks! Lindsay is Ande's number one mother!

Here's our small list of reasons why:
1. Momma doesn't care what I've done, she will always hold me and tell me she loves me.
2. Momma makes the best torn up NutriGrain bars in the world!
3. As evidenced above, she takes a pretty good picture (momma's beautiful)!
4. Lindsay is a great chef(ette)!
5. Lindsay is selfless. She only wants her boys to be happy!

This post is cutting in to precious mothers day breakfast making time. You get the idea! 


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