Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sweet Tooth

For the most part, this little pot-bellied, buddha baby loves to eat!
His belly is so big. I suppose it helps him balance. He sticks it out as far as he can when he walks and holds his arms up in the air, which makes him look like an Orangutan.

You can often find him eating things he is not supposed to eat.

Like sand.

Ande also loves sweets. He can't get through the day without having a fruity Nutrigrain bar first!
One of the first times he ate ice cream, he threw his hands up in the air and squealed (LOUDLY) with excitement.
So, knowing all of this, I fully expected him to dive into his chocolate birthday cake with Funfetti icing and revel in its deliciousness.

I was wrong.

He cried when the icing got all over his leg. He cried some more when Curtis and I repeatedly tried to put some cake into his mouth.

He did, however, LOVE his presents (Thank you family!).

We are now a 3 car family...

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