Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Yesterday, Ande toppled out of a shopping cart.
I was at the Dollar Store, of all places, with him and baby Charlie.
I turned from looking at picture frames, to see my sweet little boy laying on the floor with tears streaming from his eyes, and blood pouring from his nose.

We made it to the hospital with the help of some really nice people along the way, and it turns out that he is going to be fine.
He just had a knot the size of Texas on the bridge of his nose, and I can only imagine the kind of headache he must have had.
Have you ever seen the episode of Man Vs. Wild were Bear Grylls gets stung by a bee in the face? Well, that is what came to mind when I saw Ande's little injured face.

Through it all, he has been so brave.
He did cry pretty much the whole way to the E.R., but by the time we saw the doctor he was back to his normal self, eating graham crackers and shouting out things like, "YEE PAH" (which simply means, yep).

{Already looking much better here}
What a champ.
So Ande was injured in the face, and I am feeling a bit injured in the ego.
Boy, I really thought I was super-mom there for a little while, but now I see that I was being a little too macho.

Luckily, I know that Heavenly Father loves my little boy and is looking out for him.
He could have come home with a broken nose and a concussion.
I also know that, although it is probably inevitable, I never want to see my little boy in pain like that again.
I know that I love him more than anything and I've learned that loving him is what makes me a good mom, even if I'm not there to catch his fall sometimes.


  1. Poor ande. That is so rough to see someone you love so much hurting. Im glad he is okay!

  2. I'm so sorry Lindsay, Brandon (my accident prone one) is my only one that fell out of the cart. It made me a lot more crazy about the cart buckles. I'm so glad he's ok. I'm sure you're gonna take longer to get over it than him :) You didn't do anything bad, really, you are a super mom. Ande is amazing and you take such good care of him. Please kiss him for us.