Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall Days

His obsession with cars is becoming a problem...

We step outside...he wants to play in the drivers seat.
We see cars (any car) in a parking lot...he wants to play in their drivers seat.
We see Grandpa's Jeep...he DEFINITELY wants to play in the drivers seat.

I can't take this boy anywhere. When I don't let him do it because we are going somewhere (or because it's not our car), he pitches a fit.

So when we go outside to play, (which we've been doing a lot lately in this beautiful weather) I try to distract him with his favorite motorcycle...

But all that doesn't stop me from loving this funny little guy.
I guess he got this move from coming with me to the Mommy & Me class I teach..


He was actually reaching for this little piece of bark. Funny how he didn't just turn around and pick it up that way.

"I see an Airplane!"
(ok, he didn't actually say that, but he did say "fly, fly, fly" over and over)

And here's the little stinker fleeing from the scene...

After doing this to my yarn...
tangles mess!


  1. What a beautiful child- when are you gonna get him into child modeling?

  2. haha! He is so stinkin' cute! I love the hats you make him!! He is so cute!

  3. That hat is SOOO cute! I might have to buy a couple from you for my girls this winter...if you make them in pink. I LOVE owls and I'm doing an owl theme in the second nursery. Olivia also loves to get into my craft stuff and make the biggest mess with it that she can. They're just so curious! :)