Tuesday, March 15, 2011


My sister and I have been writing letters to each other since I went off to college many years ago.
When I say letters, I don't mean emails, I mean actual handwritten letters.
Now that she is in college across the country, we are writing more than ever.
There is nothing like getting a real letter in the mailbox.
They may not be instant contact like an email or a facebook message, but I feel like they are so much more personal. 
I also just enjoy writing and having someone who actually likes to hear about my little life (even though I probably talk about Ande WAY too much).

Well, last week I found something on my door step that was EVEN BETTER than a letter...

a package!

A package from my awesome sister. Ain't nothin' better!

She sent me this lovely shirt that does a great job of hanging over my ever-growing belly.

I am not a big fan of posting pregnant pictures of myself (week to week, or month to month) to show you my growing belly. I think it's just weird. I may, on a very rare occasion, find another reason to take a picture of myself (like these pictures here of my new shirt). But I can't promise a side view, hand on the belly shot.

Luckily, this cute little toddler face decided to come over and see what I was up to.
I think he greatly improves the quality of these self portraits!

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  1. Awwww awww it looks great on you Buhbs! I knew you'd like it.