Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Finds: Towel Robes

This afternoon, Curtis and I embark on a weekend long mini beach vacation.
I am SO excited.
I am praying for sunny skies. 
I can not wait to spend an entire weekend alone together just relaxing on the beach. 
This is actually the first time, in his 2 years of life, that I will spend a night away from my little Ande.
It's a little bitter sweet! I'm definitely going to miss the little guy (even though it's only 2 days), and probably talk about him non-stop and call him several times...
But we are both going to have a blast nonetheless.
Ande gets to spend the whole weekend with his Papa (and boy does he love his Papa!), and who knows when our next alone time will happen, so we are going to enjoy it!

So anyways, it's nothing new, but today I've got beach on the brain.
Today's Friday Finds is inspired by our little trip and all the time that we've been spending at the pool lately.

Let me introduce you to the Savvy Baby Boutique.
I am loving the cute little baby towel robes that she makes.
I actually just made one for Ande (it doesn't look nearly this cute) but I plan on sharing it with you soon.
For now, just enjoy these little beauties:

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