Monday, August 15, 2011

It's in the little things...

Having a baby really causes you to sit back and slow down. Before Owen was born, I feel like I was just racing around trying to get every last detail in order. I wanted to do as many fun things with Ande as possible for his last few days as an "only child." I was straightening the house and doing the dishes after every meal. I didn't want to leave for the hospital with dirty dishes in the sink. And I took way more showers than usual, actually blow drying my hair, just so I wouldn't look too terrible in the hospital pictures (kinda funny how the day he was born was the only day in a week that I didn't end up doing my hair). It wasn't until yesterday that I realized how much I had been racing around. All of that fast motion probably kept me from noticing the last few moments alone with Ande that really mattered.

Now we are taking things slow, trying to figure out our "new normal life," and I've started to notice a lot of little things that really make me happy.

I love watching a yawning baby, and the smiley face Owen makes (even though I know he isn't "actually" smiling).

I love the feeling of a child completely relaxing into you as he falls asleep into your arms.

I love being able to sleep on my stomach again. Oh sweet relief!

I love being reminded how hilarious my husband is, and have enjoyed every extra minute that he has been able to spend home from work.

I loved spending the afternoon at home today just watching Ande and Curtis wrestle on the bed.

I love that Ande can finally sit on my lap again to read stories since my big belly is gone.

I love that we have a bunch of old pictures as the screen saver on our computer and I've been mesmerized by them as I sit on the bed feeding Owen several times each day. They bring back so many sweet memories of our wedding, and when Ande was a little baby. I can't believe how fast he is growing up.

I love watching Ande interact with Owen. For the most part he just goes about life as usual, without really noticing him.

But when he does stop to take a look,

He is so sweet and curious.

Can you tell I'm just full of love right now? How could I not be with a family like this?

Although, if you check back with me tomorrow, when Curtis goes back to work and I'm actually on my own with two kids, I might not be feeling so lovey. I'm quite scared actually. I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. You'll do great, it's really not bad at all getting used to 2 kiddos! The hardest part about the second (and third and fourth) for me was setting down the baby so much more often than I did with the first (because the first needs you too) other than that it went great!

  2. Who took all those pictures? I felt like it was a photo shoot! Seriously, those were awesome pictures. I loved seeing Owen yawn and him all curled up asleep. And don't get me started on the ones of Ande with him...SO STINKIN' CUTE. Seriously, I love that down time when you get home from the hospital and the hubby is home.

  3. I love all the pictures too. Ande's hair...mmmm. And Owen is adorable. I love the picture of his and Curtis's feet together. Congrats. Well done, (again) guys.