Thursday, September 15, 2011

high waisted skirt

I love high waisted skirts.
They are perfect for accentuating the skinny parts and hiding the not-so-skinny parts.

I made this skirt and wore it this past Sunday to church.

I just had a rectangular piece of fabric and sewed the short edges together.
The length was about twice as much as my waist measurement (although I did absolutely no measuring when I made this because I'm a slacker).
I pinned it to a piece of elastic.
As I sewed the fabric to the elastic, I pulled the elastic tight so that the fabric would gather nicely.
I hemmed the bottom, and that was it!

My favorite style when it comes to high waisted skirts is usually the circle skirt because of the way it flows, but this one turned out quite nicely.
I love making skirts, I think I shall make some more!


  1. i love skirts!!! way fun and this turned out nice

  2. Did you seriously just give birth?!?! Ugggg! You look great!!

  3. That skirt is sooo adorable!! You are so talented!!