Thursday, September 29, 2011

pedals and picnics

I love when my husband calls to tell me he's coming home from work early so we can go on a picnic.

The sun was shaded by the trees, the grass was soft and green, and the home made chicken salad was de-lish!

A little fresh air can go a long way after a long day.

It has a way of erasing all of our troubles and stresses...

And helping us remember what is most important...

(Is it just me, or does my 7 week old look like he's 3 months?)

Ande has been trying to learn how to pedal his bike, and tonight he got a little help from a new friend.
It's amazing how he seems to find a friend every where we go.

It's also amazing how he was able to walk around with that much sand in his shoes.

And now, after all that relaxing, I have to go do Insanity with Curtis...
even though I'm pretty sure I broke my shoulder trying to do push up jacks...or whatever.

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