Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Snapshots...Blessed

I'm feeling particularly blessed today.

We finally got to welcome baby Obo (that seems to be Owen's nickname...not sure how that came about) into our family by blessing him in Church.

I thought Curtis gave a wonderful blessing. Owen is one lucky boy.

Does anyone else see this? My Ande is workin these poses.
I'm in trouble!

I feel blessed to have these 3 boys to love and look after me.
I sure love those boys!
(even if I get grumpy and hole up in the bathroom for some alone time once in a while).

I also feel blessed for my wonderful family.
Thanks for all your help and for coming to enjoy this day with us!

There sure are a lot of handsome men in the family!

We sure did miss having Laurie, My Granny's and everyone from Curtis's family here!

But that's ok. We still love you.

I just love all of the faces in these pictures!

And thanks to my stand-in-sister Eve-a-licious for these great family pictures!

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