Wednesday, May 23, 2012

9 things for 9 months

(Pics from the "brown sugar incident")

I have now known my little (big) nugget, Owen, for longer than he was in my tummy.
(He has been 9 months for a couple weeks already, but just go along with it, ok?)
Here are 9 things about him for 9 months of life...

{1} Owen loves dogs. Like, really loves dogs. He loves pictures of dogs, stuffed animal dogs, real dogs. Anytime he encounters a dog, in any form, he kicks his legs, freaks out with joy, and says, "Daaaeeeee!"

{2} His first word was either "Daaaaeeee" (dog) or "Baaaa Baaa" (baby). I can't remember now. Oops. He loves babies almost as much as dogs. He stopped saying "baa baa" though, and now uses "Daa" for everything. Dad, dog, baby, Ande... 

{3} Owen is a big boy. He is only 7 pounds shy of weighing as much as his 3 year old brother. At his appointment today, he was in the 99% for everything. He's big, but totally healthy in a good way. It's great because he can already share clothes with Ande (I'm always looking for a way to save!).

{4} He crawls like a champion (started at 7 months) and can usually be found following Ande, wherever he is. 

{5} Ande is his favorite person. If I ever get Owen out of his crib by myself, I try to give him kisses, but he is too busy looking all around for Ande, like "where the heck is that guy?"

{6} Owen is always smiling and will laugh at almost anything you say. One day, in the car, I was talking to Ande and turned around to say, "Don't ya think?" to Ande. Owen busted out laughing. So now, if he ever needs a good laugh, all Ande and I have to say is, "Don't ya think?" (or, "don't ya fink?" as Ande would say). It cracks him up every time.

{7} Owen has some sweet moves. Any time he hears a beat, his body automatically starts gyrating. That is such a weird word, but it is the best one I could think of to describe it. When I put him to bed at night, I sing him a couple songs, and sometimes he will even start bopping his chest along with my singing. It's hilarious.

{8} His favorite book right now is this one that my parents got for him in London. It's called Shimmery Dinkies, Blue Truck. He loves it, and enthusiastically turns the pages so he can see the very last page, which is his favorite (a picture of a baby with a bottle, of course).

{9} This only happened once, but it is too hilarious not to mention. Late one night, he woke up crying because of teething or something, so I went in to get him wrapped up good and to pat him. After patting his back for a while, I slowed down to a stop and just rested my hand on his back. As soon as my hand stopped, he started clenching his butt muscles over and over again. Basically, he clenched his butt to tell me, "Don't stop patting!"

Owen is always doing funny, quarky, little things like that and they always keep us laughing and smiling. No matter how crazy and stressful things get around the house, he is always so laid back and happy. He puts up with a lot and we sure do love him for it!


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  1. Aw! I didn't know he has a love for dogs. So cute! Happy 9 months, Owen.