Thursday, May 10, 2012

husbandly advice

(Leah Watkins Photography)

Remember how I vented to you yesterday?
Remember how stressed out I get when I think I'm a terrible mom?

Well, luckily, we all got some good sleep last night.
And before that good night's sleep, I was lucky enough to have my rational, non-emotional husband talk it out with me. I'm always so grateful to have that cool guy around. He balances me out in the most perfect way. He gave me some words of wisdom about finding a better way to deal with a toddler tantrum, so I thought I'd share it with you too.

Simply put (in Curtis' CallofDuty-track-mind),

"First, you gotta diffuse the bomb. Then, you can reason with the enemy."

....Or something like that...

In other words, distract him by making him laugh, then talk it out. This is when it would come in handy to be funny...


  1. Which is exactly the way Curtis would handle it!

  2. Luckily all it takes is saying some word wrong or making up some gibberish rhyming words and Ande will bust up laughing. You've got this under control.

    Plus you're with the kids 24/7, you deserve a good meltdown every once in a while!