Wednesday, May 9, 2012

a new week long series { super hero craft week! }

Today was not a particularly good day.
I don't know if it is because we all still feel a little under the weather 
( lots of throwing up going on two nights ago), or what.
Ande was pretty grumpy today, which made me grumpy, which made Owen all confused.
Maybe it was because I hardly have a voice left, so I couldn't talk loud enough to be heard.
Ande yelled, I yelled (or tried too), Owen cried, Ande cried, I cried.
I even had to step outside on the porch for a minute to gain some composure, but felt worse since I could hear the little dudes still crying inside.
Ande even asked, "Why are you being mean today?" while we were driving in the car.
I didn't even know what to tell him, I just felt really, really bad.
I'm glad today is over, and I can start fresh tomorrow.
I gave the boys some extra loves and cuddles when I put them to bed.
I'm just hoping that they will erase this "bad mommy moment" from their memories.

Every time we have a day like this, I promise myself that I won't let my emotions get out of hand ever again.
But, eventually, it happens again.

So, all you experienced mother's out there...

How do you keep your cool and not let your emotions match that of your toddler aged children?

And on a completely unrelated note, next week I am having a fun little crafting series.

After telling Ande a particularly exciting and creative bedtime story the other night, about "Super Ande!" and his sidekick Owen, he has started to show more and more interest in super heroes.
I made him a couple things and thought it would be fun to share them, 
along with 2 tutorials from some bloggy friends.
So, if you are on the lookout for some boy related, super hero crafts, Super Hero Craft Week will start next Monday!

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