Thursday, September 27, 2012

On having boys...

When people find out that we are having yet another boy, they often look at me all sad, as if they feel sorry for me. Then they ask if we will keep trying until we have a girl. This makes me a little confused, and a little sad. Who ever decided that having boys wouldn't be as good, or fun, or special as having girls?

Here are my thoughts on having boys...

We are thrilled to be having another boy! We would also be thrilled to be having a girl. Either way, we are just so happy to be welcoming a new little human into our family. So far, having boys has been amazing, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I'm sure mom's of girls feel the same why, but I definitely feel like there's something special about mothers and their sons. I remember sitting around my room and dorm room as a teenager wishing that just one boy would look at me and notice me and love me. Never in a million years did I think I would end up with 4 boys (Curtis included) who look at me, notice me, and love me. My boys are one hundred percent my biggest fans, and never cease to show me affection (and I feel the same about them too). You can't beat that feeling.

So besides all of the love and affection, what is it like to have boys? Well...have you ever watched "Curious George?" So far, it's kind of like having a curious little monkey (times 2, and almost 3). We are the ones who create a hurricane in every store we enter, not because the boys are naughty, but because they are so curious. At the library, they pile as many books as will fit into the stroller. At the mall they re-organize clothing racks and race down the ramps. At Target, they put random items into the cart and drive Barbie jeeps up and down the isles. When at home, they unfold the folded laundry, spread cars across the floor, and  walk around with little "treasures" clutched in their hands for hours (chapstick, buttons, coins). They also climb into your lap at any given time for a good "grooming" a good back scratch and snuggles.

In every episode of "Curious George," the disasters that he creates always end up helping someone or turning out for the best. It's the same way with my little monkeys. Somehow we get through each whirlwind of a day. Sometimes it is a struggle to keep up, but at the end of the day there were so many moments of laughter, tackling, hugging, kissing, and silliness that it is all worth it.

I can't wait to add another boy into the mix, to see what he will be like. They all have such different personalities and with each one comes new joys and new experiences. We won't get to buy any ruffles, or accessorize with hair bows, or have any tea parties, but we were never disappointed with the thought of 3 boys. Instead, we look forward to 3 times the messes, 3 times the tackle fights, 3 times the pillow jumps, and 3 times the snuggles.

So those are my thoughts. I have nothing against having little girls, of course! If I ever happen to have a baby girl, I'm sure my heart will just melt with joy, but at the moment, I am just a little biased =)


  1. You know, it's true! I love my little girl more than anything and I love having a little girl to play with. I remember thinking I never really fit in with girls in college and wishing I could have some girl bonding experiences. I suppose Heavenly Father really knows what we need when he sends us our children. :)

  2. From a mom of soon to be 3 boys - I agree! I'm perfectly happy not having a girl and will not "keep trying" especially since we weren't "trying for a girl" to begin with". We just wanted three healthy, happy kiddos! My boys are super lovey, snuggly, cuddly, and....BUSY! My oldest isn't quite 4 yet so I have much more to experience, but boys are so fun! They are always on an adventure and have made our life the best adventure of all! I'm off to attempt your Superhero Mask pattern for their next adventue...this will make for some very happy boys! Thank you!!!!