Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My thrifty stuffed animal storage idea!

I am always on the hunt for better ways to organize all the toys in our little house.
For the longest time, the stuffed animals just sat in a fabric basket on the floor in Ande's room.
It just felt like such a waste of floor space!
I was determined to get those furry creatures off the floor, 
so I have been looking high and low for a good solution.
Getting the stuffed animals off the floor was my number one priority,
and I had seen several people use some sort of window flower basket on the wall.
Well let me tell you, those things are expensive!
I searched the garden center in Walmart, and only found one window basket.
It was huge and wayyyy over my budget.
Luckily, on my way out of the store, 
I just so happened to pass through the kitchen isle 
where I found the little beauties pictured above for about $5 each!
They are freezer baskets, and they work perfectly (Mainstays Freezer Storage Basket)!
I hung them up on the wall in Owen's room with command hooks,
added the stuffed animals, and some favorite books.
I love that I didn't have to spend over $10 just to get some toys off the floor!

My next project is tackling the kid's closets...
How to combine Ande and Owen's clothes into one?
How to store all those clip on ties?
What about all the shoes in various sizes?

I'd love to hear any ideas!

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  1. I have this same problem with stuffed animals on the floor in a fabric basket (and spilling over on the floor!). I am going to Wal Mart today for these baskets and Command hooks. Thanks for sharing!!!