Thursday, January 24, 2013

crochet love {faux square scarf pattern}

I don't know how I did it.
Somewhere in the midst of all the nursing, newborn snuggling, and extra big boy snuggling,
I found some time to create this crochet scarf pattern for you.
I actually designed and created this scarf back in the beginning of December.
I have been just dying to share it with you,
because I love this scarf so much.

I have worn this scarf more in the past month than any other crochet creation of mine combined.
I love the look of the "square scarf" and I actually received a very beautiful silk one for Christmas.
I like how the point drapes down over the shoulder and fullness that it provides around the neck.
Since I still don't really know how to tie a scarf fashionably, I decided to make my "faux square scarf" into a cowl-square-scarf. 
It is so easy to just throw around my neck on the way out the door,
and the luxurious Bernat Satin yarn that I used keeps me warm and comfortable.

Click below for the free pdf pattern,

The pattern is really simple, and even includes this little diagram to help you put the scarf together...

*Note: If you are having difficulty opening this pdf document, there are a couple things you should try:
1. Make sure your pdf reading software is up to date.
2. Try opening it in a different browser. I have had feedback from a few people that found different browsers to work better than others.
3. If neither of those work, email me at LindsayHaynie @ gmail . com!


  1. I did the first row a couple of times and I still ended up with 17 v stitches and three chains left... instead of 18 v stitches and 2 chains remaining. I figured (18 x 3)+4 would give a starting chain of 58 instead of 56. This worked out to give me the 18 v stitches with the chain 4, and [ch1,dc] at either end.

  2. Love this! Thanks Sallie for working out the maths, I ran into the same issue!