Monday, April 15, 2013

4 years

(These pictures crack me up. Ande asked me to take some pictures while he posed. I love them. I love him.)

Today, Ande turns four.
Four years doesn't seem like a very long time,
yet I feel like I've known Ande for much longer.
I can hardly remember a time when he wasn't in my life.

During the past year, Ande has accomplished so many things like:
- being potty trained
- learning how to petal a bike
- learning how to get dressed by himself
- flying to Utah and Texas and drove to Idaho
- learning how to be a big brother (times 2)
- jumping over stuff for his "part" in family home evening every.single.time.
- learning how to hold Milo and feed him bottles when I need him to
- taking swim lessons (and hating them)
- started preschool (and loving it)

Ande is a passionate little boy. He loves what he loves.
Most of all he loves:
- fire trucks
- Transformers/Rescuebots
- riding his bike
- digging in the sand at the park
- sneaking candy from the pantry
- drinking chocolate milk
- reading Curious George books
- being tickled by his Dad
- playing with Owen
- kissing on Milo
- being funny and making others laugh
- jumping off furniture
- learning about satellites and car engines

Ande is so smart. He wants to know the details of everything.
He asks a lot of questions and remembers everything you tell him.
He is completely ocd and expects things to be a certain way.
He doesn't like change.
He can talk your ear off, and is so outgoing.
Ande will talk to anybody.
He often shouts, "Hey!" to people passing by our house,
and strikes up conversations with strangers.

He tells me "I love you, Mom" on a daily basis.

I sure am lucky to have him and I can't believe he's getting so big.
Time...please slow down!

Happy birthday sweet boy!

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