Thursday, May 23, 2013

our spring time tradition

Not all traditions have to revolve around holidays!
We love our spring family tradition of picking strawberries.
There is a strawberry patch less than five minutes from our house,
how could you drive by and not visit!?
We went early in the season and the strawberries were perfect.
There were so many big red beauties to choose from!
The boys loved running up and down the long rows,
and showing us their strength as they carried the heavy buckets.
Neither of the big boys wanted us to help,
even when they were full of berries and so heavy.
The next night, we made strawberry jam and have been eating jam toast for breakfast ever since.
Man, that stuff is delicious!

I love strawberries and I love filling buckets of them with those boys!

1 comment :

  1. We went strawberry picking, but now I keep going back... pretty soon zoey and i are gonna turn in to strawberries! They're just soooo good.

    P.S. Your family is so cute, and you look great!