Thursday, May 30, 2013

scenes from my birthday

My birthday was on Saturday.
I love my birthday, it is a favorite holiday of mine!
It is always right around Memorial Day weekend, and reminds me that summer has begun.
For my birthday, we spent a relaxing day together as a family.
We had fun eating lunch at a little deli in the downtown area near where I grew up.
The boys were so cute in their fedoras that I bought thinking they would never wear.
Surprisingly, they love them as much as I do!
Milo was such a doll in his little vintage romper that I found thrifting a few years ago.
After lunch and during nap time, my Mom took me shopping!
I got a bunch of yarn from my favorite little yarn shop,
and a few things that I had been eyeing at Target.
When the boys woke up, we enjoyed the sunshine at the park,
and then went on to dinner.

Curtis attempted a few birthday surprises for me this year,
but none of them seemed to work out the way he planned
(which is actually kinda funny).
His present to me (a brand new sewing machine- yay!),
came in the mail while I was home earlier in the week
and didn't have an "outer box" to cover up what it was.
He also wanted to surprise me with a birthday cake since I haven't had one in years,
but Ande wasn't so good at keeping that secret!
"Daddddd, we have to make Mommy's cake!"
Luckily for Curtis, I appreciate the thought and attempts he made at making my birthday special.
I had a great day, and now I can look forward to summer by sewing up a few outfits for the boys,
and finding something fun to crochet with my lovely new yarn!


  1. Happy Birthday to you!!!!!

  2. I love the picture of you holding Milo! It's just plain perfect. :) I'm glad you had a very happy birthday!!

  3. The hats are marvelous! What a happy day. :D

  4. FOr some reason I am feeling nostalgic today and that post just made me tear up. What a great dad and mom you and Curt are. I can't wait to see you (sometime:))