Friday, October 4, 2013

costume love {crochet animal hats}

This time of year is where things start getting busy in my crochet shop.
People are gearing up for the colder weather
and they are also getting excited about Halloween!
I love making the boy's costumes ever year.
You can see what we came up with last year, and the year before.
I usually keep their costumes somewhat simple, 
but I really just don't like spending tons of money on store bought.
If you're like me and want to make your kid's costumes this year,
perhaps a fun animal hat will get you started?

I've got a couple great animal hat crochet patterns in my shop that could be the start of a fun little kid costume.
Last year I came up with a couple ideas to help you put the costume together (the diy elephant costume, and the diy blue bird costume).
These cute crochet animal hats are a great way to have a diy Halloween at a very low cost!

Have your kids decided what they want to dress up as yet?
My boys have told me what they want, and it looks like I have a lot of work to do...
More on that later!

Happy Friday!

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