Tuesday, December 17, 2013

11 months

 Mi-guy hit the 11 month mark over the weekend. His life has seriously flown by. It wasn't too long ago that we were pulling out our Christmas decorations wondering what this little one was going to look like and be like. I was constantly uncomfortable because he liked to be nestled up as close to my heart as he could be. I am so glad that this year, he is out side of me, spending Christmas with us. Snuggled up close to my heart is still his favorite place to be and this time it is oh. so. comfortable.

At 11 months, Milo is so easy going, loves his big brothers, wants to be doing what they are doing at all times, and loves to explore the house. He started walking a month or so ago, and gets braver with every step. I will always love the "frankenstein walk" of a new little toddler. He doesn't talk much at all (only discernible words are daddy and more), but his sweet gestures mean so much. His little hands love to wave, and he waves at me whenever I walk into the room. And lately, he wraps his tiny arms around my neck and squeezes me tight as I put him to bed. My heart melts every time.

I love this guy and I love the family that we have grown into since he's been here. It has almost been a year and that is just. wow. 

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