Wednesday, January 8, 2014

knitting love {little guy knit tie}

I kept seeing knit ties for men in stores (like this one from J.Crew) lately so I asked Curtis (skeptical of crochet/knitted clothing) if he would wear one. To my surprise, he said he would! It just had to be skinny and not have a huge knot. So I set out to make one for him. But knitting is slow, and men's ties are long...

So I made a children's version instead!

 The Little Guy Knit Tie...

Here's how I made it:

-worsted weight yarn
-size 8 knitting needles

1. cast on 10 sts.
2. work seed st for 13 inches.
3. on next row, still working in seed st, decrease 1 st in first and last st (now 8 sts).
4. continue seed st for 15 rows (or 2 1/4 inches).
5. on next row, still working in seed st, decrease 1 st in first and last st (now 6 sts).
6. continue seed st until entire piece measures 39 inches. Cast off.

Now, the knot is a little bigger than I (or Curtis) would like, but that is probably because my tie tying skills are sparse. But other than that, I like how it turned out!

It's always fun to find stuff to make for my boys. Let's face it, there aren't many knitting/crochet patterns for boys (atleast patterns that my kids would actually wear). So when I do find something, I get excited. I think Anderson even had a good time modeling the tie for me.

Or, maybe it was the candy incentive...

Don't know how to tie a tie? Watch this video!

Need help with seed stitch? Here's a great how-to video!

Email me with any questions! lindsayhaynie @ gmail [dot] com

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