Friday, February 21, 2014

weekend plans {and milo gets out!}

It's crazy to think that just last week, our world was covered in white. Spring decided to stop by this week, and we enjoyed sunny, warm weather, and a few trips to the park. There's this awesome park near us, in Raleigh, with a train that takes you all around the playground. We went yesterday with some friends and it definitely got me out of the funk I've been in!

This little guy is also pretty good at getting me out of a funk...

I am really looking forward to the weekend! I will be traveling down to visit my room mate from college (my best friend!). I am going down there to judge a pageant in her town! I did it last year and it was so fun, and I'm sure this year will be too! But even better than that, my friend's and I are going to have a sleep over! I will miss my kids like crazy, but I am really excited to spend some time with my girl friends. I've been saving up all my girl-talk just for them (like The Bachelor...etc), so Curtis doesn't have to hear me go on about it!

I also bought some new yarn... it was the closest thing I could find to the color, radiant orchid. I'm ready to turn it into something awesome! Any ideas?

So that's my weekend. How will you be spending yours? Are you working on any fun projects?

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