Monday, February 24, 2014

yarn love {some intriguing designs}

Here are some really awesome crochet designs that I stumbled upon over the last week, or so. They have definitely inspired me, and hopefully they will get your creative juices flowing as well!

These Seashell Lamps, by Susan Lowman, are so cool! I personally love the grey bobble lamp!

Apache Tears | Sarah London
The bright colors first attracted me to this awesome crochet design. The Apache Tears pattern, by Sarah London, is so unique and just, awesome!

This embroidery hoop, shared on Sublime Stitching, is just amazing. Not only is the design of each and every letter beautiful and fun, but she also used beads to give it extra pizzaz!

The chevron design has really stood the test of time hasn't it? My great grandmother crocheted many a chevron afghan back in the day. The colors she used don't really appeal to me now, but the colors in this chevron blanket (found on Emmas DesignBlogg) sure do! I love the combination of pink, white, and black!

I had a fabulous weekend, how about you!? I got to watch and judge a fun scholarship pageant, eat way too much catered food, and stay up wayy wayyyy too late chatting with my best girl friends from college. I am glad I sacrificed some sleep so I could catch up with the girls, but I am definitely feeling it today! 

So hopefully, I'll remember to nap today while the boys nap because a new week has begun and I need some energy back! 

Happy Monday!

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