Thursday, March 27, 2014

little conversations

Sometimes I wonder how the heck I survived without being extremely lonely when I just had one baby at home. The house must have been so quiet!

There are some days when I long for peace and quiet, but this morning while we were out running errands I realized how much fun it is to have my little chatter box buddies with me.

Ande and Owen are quite the conversationalists. I hardly ever let them watch shows in the car because I want them to be able to sit still and not have to be "entertained." But I also don't let them because some of our deepest discussions occur in the car.

Today we chatted about what vehicle we would drive if we were construction workers. A couple weeks ago, we discussed the inner workings of the human diaphragm.

These little bodies sure do have a lot to say! The house may never be quiet again...but I suppose I'm okay with that!

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