Friday, April 4, 2014

Frinstagram {spring in full bloom}

...this week's instagram photos on Friday...

Every year spring comes and goes and I never get any good pictures of all the gorgeous flowering trees. This year, I got the pics and I am so glad! I put one of them as the background on my phone and now I am happy every time I turn it on!

This week I definitely needed that extra dose of happy since Milo and I were pretty sick. Mom's don't really get "sick days" so that kinda stinks. Thankfully, it's the weekend so, hoorah!

Also, we had Leah (also on fb here) take our annual family pictures last night and they are going - to - be - awesome! I can't wait to see them! We had the photos taken at the NC State Arboretum. Seriously the coolest place ever. If you live around here, and you haven't been, you should definitely go explore! Take a picnic...I promise you'll love it!

Have a great weekend!

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