Thursday, December 4, 2014

crochet love {rustic crochet Christmas wreath}

I may have gone a little overboard with the Christmas tree trimmings this year. 

I made a garland for our mantel, put some in a vase, and then added them to this wreath for a little pizzaz.

The pine branches smell delicious, so how could I not put them everywhere!? With this wreath on our front door, we now get a big whiff of Christmas every time we walk up to the door, and I love that.

To make this rustic Christmas wreath, I made one sorta like the wreath that I made in this post. The only thing I did different was to work a row of shells around the outer edge rather than the (dc, ch 4, dc) that I did in that post. I used a Size K crochet hook and the Lion's Pride Woolspun yarn in Mahogany. Man, this yarn is squishy, soft, and luxurious! I loved working with it.

For the pine branches, I clipped them to the size that I wanted and started sliding them into the yarn on the back side of the wreath. I didn't use wire or string or anything else to attach them. I simply tucked them underneath the strands of yarn that wrap around the Styrofoam wreath form. I didn't hot glue them down so that I can take them out as they brown and dry up. That way it will be easy to recycle the wreath to use again later!

I love the handmade craftiness mixed with a little bit of nature. Don't you? It's unique, and inexpensive, and special. 

How will you use your Christmas tree trimmings this year?

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  1. This wreath is gorgeous! I love how natural and rustic this looks. Thanks so much for sharing!