Friday, August 14, 2015

diy love {wooden crate nightstand tutorial}

I searched for a new pair of nightstands for my bedroom for a long time! Everything was out of our price range, and there was never anything acceptable on Craigslist! Our bed is a platform bed, so it's low to the ground, which made it even more difficult to find the right bed side table. 

One day, I was strolling through Joann's (I must've been sans kids) and stumbled upon the wooden "doll bodies." They were in these cute little peg shapes and a light bulb went off! I had the perfect, inexpensive idea for a nightstand!

I got the wooden crates from Walmart and the pegs and paint from Joann's. My husband wanted to help me figure out a way to screw the pegs on so they would be extra sturdy, but I have no patience and hot glued them in place instead. Hot glue is a wonder product because those pegs are secure and strong and I'm not too concerned about breakage!

I painted the nightstand a fun sea foam/aqua color to match our cute new headboard that I also recently made! Once the paint dried, I used Butcher Block Conditioner to help keep the wood from drying or cracking and I also love how it deepens the color of the wood that I left natural on the inside of the crate. This stuff also helps protect against moisture from my cup of water that I place on the stand every night!

I absolutely LOVE how my diy nightstand turned out! I love the low price point and I love the cute, almost mid-century look, that the little pegs give the crate! 

I think it would also be fun to make these in a variety of sizes and stack them up on each other to create a cool, unusual book case! 

What would you do with yours? 

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