Thursday, August 13, 2015

Owen turns 4

Dearest Owen,

You are such a silly goose! You turned 4 two days ago but you still haven't taken off your "birthday boy" button yet. You make funny faces in almost every picture and you would much rather be the one taking the picture than posing for it!

I think being the middle child can sometimes be tough, but you handle it with such grace. You are sensitive, but in the best way possible. You feel things deeply. You are empathetic to others and are always aware (and concerned) when someone is sad. I have always appreciated the fact that you are always the first one to jump up and share when there is a typical toddler argument over a toy. You are simply a joy to be around.

Owen, you are smart, and funny, and lately so creative. I love to watch you play and laugh and discover the world!

Sometimes you come up to me randomly just to give me a huge or tell me you love me. You always seem to know the moments when I need that extra bit of affection. On your birthday you said (unprompted), "Thank you for my birthday!" and I was so proud of you for noticing the hard work your dad and I put in to making that day special!

Right now, you love building with Legos, playing with Playdoh or "moon sand." You have mastered the balance bike and are almost riding a two wheeler and you love to show me how fast you can run! You are my little fish and love swimming at the pool. You love learning and will start another year of preschool soon! And most of all, you love playing with your brothers!

Owen, I love your squishy face and the big boy you are becoming! I can't believe that my roly, chubby baby is now 4 years old! Didn't I tell you to stop growing!?

Happiest of birthdays!

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