Wednesday, November 4, 2015

on loss, and peace, and joy

A couple weeks ago, we got a dreaded phone call that my Grandmother, Minnie Belle, was in her last hours of life. I struggled about what to do. Should we drop everything and drive the 4 hours to see her, or did we need to stay home and keep up with our commitments? We ended up throwing clothes haphazardly into our suitcases and rushing up to see her in Hendersonville, NC. The boys missed school, soccer, and I missed an important church meeting, but we are all so thankful for our split second decision. We made it in time to spend the last 3 days of her life talking to her, holding her hand, and kissing her forehead.

The boys were amazing throughout the entire week. I was shocked that they weren't scared of the gruff noises my Grandma was making. And after she had passed, each boy walked right up to her casket to say their goodbyes with no fear or hesitation. The boys probably don't completely understand the depth of the situation, but I think their ability to smile and find joy during such a time helped us grown ups to feel a calm and peacefulness about it.

It was a hard time for my Mom and her siblings and it will continue to be, but I am so grateful for the chance we had to teach my children about heaven, and forever families.

I am also glad we got to spend some time in the most beautiful place during the fall. We enjoyed playing outside and strolling around downtown Hendersonville, with all it's small town charm and character! Below are some pictures of our time in the mountains!

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