Friday, April 22, 2016

bump update :: 26 weeks

(Our gender reveal, at 17 weeks)

(halfway there, at 20 weeks)

(on Easter, at 25 weeks)

I haven't really done any pregnancy updates since we announced back in January, so I thought I'd share a little update with you!

At 12 weeks, I went in for a "first trimester screening" ultrasound where the doctor looks for any abnormalities that would be caused by some sort of gene mutations. I always choose to get this done because I like to be prepared and also because this doctor is spot on in figuring out the gender before the organs are even fully formed! At that appointment he told us that he was "upper 90's percent" sure that our baby was a girl! We were shocked beyond belief and I definitely cried!

I came away from that appointment and realized that since he didn't predict it 100%, that I shouldn't get too excited or start buying stuff yet. That teeny bit of uncertainty killed me! It drove me crazy. I ended up convincing Curtis to let us go to a 3d/4d imaging center a couple weeks before my planned anatomy scan so that we could find out for sure what this baby was! So at 17 weeks, right around Valentine's Day, we got the confirmation that we were definitely having a girl! It was neat because the boys came with us and got to see her on the screen, and we came away with some great photos of her (even though she looked like a skeleton monkey at this point).

When 20 weeks finally rolled around, I went in for my anatomy ultrasound. The ultrasound tech took a really long time looking, and then I spent a really long time waiting for my doctor to come in. It turned out that the tech thought she detected something wrong with the babies heart. The doctor explained that she thought she found a "heart block." We still aren't 100% sure what that is, but when he listened to her heartbeat himself he didn't hear anything abnormal. I was really pretty worried about our baby, but have since had 2 different doctors listen and find nothing out of the ordinary with her heartbeat. We're hopeful now that all is well, and we shouldn't be worried!

I am now catching up on 27 weeks! Time seems to be going by much slower this pregnancy. I am so anxious to meet her. I've had quite a bit of pain (my friend said it was "round ligament pain") that I've never had before. But I am exercising often and trying to ignore it! I am also feeling big and frustrated with having a slim selection of clothing options lately! I'm trying really hard, though, to ignore all of the "inconveniences" of pregnancy and remember how grateful I am that pretty soon, another little Haynie baby will be here with us!

We still don't have a name picked out and it's possible this child may never be named at this point!

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