Sunday, April 27, 2008

Goin to Carolina in my mind...

It's official. We are moving to good ole' Cary, North Carolina! We've applied for an apartment and will hopefully be ready and set to move in on June 17th. I've got 2 interviews at some dance studios in May and Curtis' application process to the Raleigh Fire Dept is looking good! He just needs to start getting ready for his big Physical Ability Test in June! It's gonna be tough. He has to climb towers, ladders, pull hoses, wear heavy vests, move dummies, run for a long time, and do some obstacle courses! It's a good thing that MY dream wasn't to become a fire fighter. Curtis will do great! He just needs to work on being able to touch his toes.

We're just finishing up painting the old Haynie house a nice shade of tan. I don't think Curtis will ever want to paint again! It looks great though! Other than that, not too much is going on! We had a little visitor come in our apartment the other day... we were just coming home from our trip to NC and we were so looking forward to sleeping in our big comfy bed! I got in bed and started reading to Curtis as he unpacked our suitcases. Then he came and got in bed next to me and I felt a little tickle. Of course, I assumed it was Curtis but then I realized that it felt a little too light to be Curtis' foot. All of a sudden a HUMONGOUS ROACH came running up my leg and between me and Curtis! I jumped out of that bed so fast. Unfortunately we never found Roachie after that so there was no way I was sleeping in that bed! We ended up sleeping on the futon and I felt like bugs were crawling on me all night! The roach is still yet to be found......


  1. yeah! you will be close to us. i was sad that we couldn't make it to your reception, but i had just had a c-section a couple of days before and wasn't really supposed to be driving/sitting for that amount of time. hopefully we can meet you soon...and maybe we could bribe you into watching our children so we could go to the temple sometime.

  2. Lindsay--that makes me sick. I HATE roaches. UGH!!! One good reason to not live in FLorida (one of teh only ones :)) glad everything is coming together for you guys. So glad we're going to be close.

  3. That's almost as cool when Noel found that dead mouse when we slept downstairs one time. That was hilarious. Glad to hear you guys are coming back up. I just hope you remember what an important day June 17th is. ha ha