Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thank you America!

I know this is a little after-the-fact, but I had to say something about this season of SYTYCD. Overall, I thought this season was kind of forgettable, with only a handful of really talented dancers. I thought that Jeanine, Brandon, Kayla, and Ade saved the season, or maybe my standards are too high. Nothing will ever live up to my memories of season 2. Several years later, here I am, still able to recall some of my favorite dances from that season. But back to this season. Going into the finale, I really thought Evan would win and that would have been a TRAVESTY! So many people liked him, but honestly, I can't believe he made it to the top 10! So, what I'd really like to say is, THANK YOU AMERICA for voting for my girl JEANINE! She was A-mazing! I didn't even like her at first, which was probably due to her terrible partner, Phillip. Him getting kicked off was the best thing that ever happened to that girl. After he left, I started to realize how ridiculously good she is! For the first time since season 2, I voted. Several times. Here are a couple clips...first one of my favorites from season 2, then of Jeanine (it's not actually from sytycd but a clip of her dancing at competition)...

And while I'm on the subject of thank you's, here are some other things I'm thankful for today:

1. Thank you Anderson, for sleeping 13 hours last night.

2. Thank you Aldi's, for the lowest prices in town and for only being a block from our apt.

3. Thank you YMCA, for giving me a chance to get back in shape while you watch Anderson.

4. Thank you to wedding receptions for the candy buffet's which provided us with endless amounts of chocolate that we are still eating several days later.

5. Thank you OxyClean, for getting out those tough stains, without you, Anderson wouldn't have any clothes left.


  1. I agree! I have blogged about SYTYCD since the finale, but I was *so* glad that Jeanine won! I also agree about the general suckishness of this season. This season is only the second that I've watched, but last season was WAY better.

  2. Season 3 was my favorite BY FAR(Danny, Neil!) and I agree with the others not matching up since the good ol days. I wanted Brandon to win but I liked Jeanine too. That solo in the video you posted was awesome! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I like the show but it's always fun to hear what a true dancer has to say about things as I generally don't know what I'm really talking about ;-)