Sunday, August 16, 2009

This is a Tribute... 2 of my favorite people:

~~My beautfiul, darling, daring sister, Laurie, is leaving me!

She has packed her bags, aka 5 large suitcases, and is venturing off to the land of BYU. Now, I know this is a good thing. She will meet so many new people and will do all that "learny" stuff, but what am I supposed to do without her? Laurie is my little sis, my Buhbay, my friend. I am 6 years older than her, but it feels like much less. Over the past few years we have had some really fun times and have gotten very close. We have even been asked several times if we are twins. I have really enjoyed the fun, the trouble, and the jokes we have shared.
A List of memories/things I love about Laurie:
*When we came up with the nickname "Buhbay"
*Watching you play soccer.
*Stealing clothes from each other...I love being the same size! It's like going shopping when I walk in your room!
*Our late-night game of capture the flag, the police coming and sitting on the curb for an hour...Hey! It was mom's idea to play there!
*Going to lots and lots of movies, and ALWAYS getting popcorn!
*Mom reading Harry Potter to us.
*Sharing beds at hotels for dance competitions, soccer tourney's, or the Grandparents house in the mountains.
*Riding around the Grandparents yard in Granny's motorized wheelchair!
*You have the most extensive music library on your ipod that I've ever seen, besides Curt.
*Your enormous imagination as a kid...Imaginary friends Meg, Thunder, Lightening, and Tony Danza
*Your love of animals (mainly dogs), writing BLUE on mom's tupper ware bowl...HAHA
*Old Christmas Day memories while opening presents:
"It doesn't staaaaannnndddddd!?!?!?"
*Trips to Disney World, and your visit to see us in Florida.
*Watching Dante's Peak while home alone and getting scared!
*Spending time with you and your friends, whether it was making music videos with Eliza, driving around town with Dana, or hangin at the beach with Eve.
*Going to the mall together...we did that a lot!
*Finding names in the hymns at church.
*Always having goldfish to snack on at church.
*Loungin' on the couch on Sundays, or any day for that matter.
*I love that you are outgoing and you make friends so easily.
*I think you are hilarious.
*You are a genius! Seriously people, my sister is SMART!
*So fun to be with and talk to.
*I really admire your self confidences and love for life.

I could think of a ton more, but that'll do for now. I am really going to miss her, she is my best friend. But, I am so excited for what her future holds, so WATCH OUT BYU, Laurie's coming!


~~And second, I'll have you all know that my little Ande turned 4 MONTHS OLD yesterday! I won't go too crazy talking about him, since this whole blog is basically devoted to him already, but congrat's to him for putting up with us for that long! What an adorable, lively, smart little chunkeroo he is!

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