Tuesday, February 16, 2010

All You Need Is Love!

For all you parents out there, do you ever wonder if your kids feel loved? Ande had a little accident last week (I'm not going to tell you what happened because then everyone might think I'm a bad mother!). Don't worry, he is fine, fit as a fiddle, but I can't stop thinking about it. With all of the little bumps and bruises that are inevitable with little boys, I wonder if Ande is thinking, "Mama, why did you let me get hurt? Why didn't you protect me?" Curtis and I shower him with hugs and kisses everyday (how could you not with those rosy cheeks?), but I wonder if I could be doing more to make sure he feels safe and happy with us. Ande has a real knack for bonking his head and just about every time I can remember, it happened because I was distracted checking my email or something.

Whether he feels loved or not, there is no doubt that his little heart is just filled to the brim with love for us! It is amazing how somebody so little could be so kind and loving. We really enjoyed ourselves this past weekend. Ande and I look forward to Saturdays when we get Curtis all to ourselves for a whole day! This Saturday was full of fun with times with his Daddy!

They started out the day with a little exercise. Ande has been working on his pull-ups. He can hang all by himself! Pretty soon, he'll be able to do more than Curtis and Grandpa Anderson!

We spend a lot of the cold, rainy days at the mall. There is a little play place there with a slide and Carousel that Ande LOVES. Daddy decided to join in on the fun!

We finished out the day with a trip to the pool at the Y. Ande had not been swimming since last summer and it was so fun to see how he reacted to the water this time! He's our little water bug!

Curtis decided that he would bring me flowers once a month. Here are my February flowers:
Now that you all know about this commitment to buy me flowers once a month, I expect all of you to check up on him and keep him on track! =)

We hope everyone enjoyed their valentine's day!


  1. Lindsay-everyone is supposed to get bumps and bruises. Accidents happen all the time. When CJ started walking, we seriously could have gone to the ER every day. Plus, the best thing about getting hurt when you are young is getting pampered by your mom. Ande is so lucky to have such a wonderful mom.
    Also, I like how you got Curtis on the flowers once a month thing. I need to tell Carl about that one. :)Whatever, I just buy them for myself now. :)

  2. I know what you mean about hoping that you are doing enough for your baby, but I feel sure that kids are as forgiving as they are loving. I am SURE that Ande feels loved, having great parents like you and Curtis. You can't prevent every mishap, but you just do what you can to protect them, try to follow the Spirit to keep them safe in the big things, and don't sweat it when things do happen. Keep doing what you are doing! :)