Thursday, February 11, 2010

Just a quickie!

I could not let a whole week go by without posting anything, but I don't have anything new to blog about right now. So, I asked Curtis for some advice and he had something very important he wanted to share with everyone. This is something that he has been meaning to blog about for months now.

About a year ago, Curtis accomplished something amazing. Maybe he did this just so he could blog about it, or maybe because deep down, he wishes he were more like Bear Grylls. Either way, he did it.

Curtis ate an entire apple, core and all.

I know, you are shocked right now! What a great accomplishment. I am so proud. He did this while driving in his truck, so I was not able to witness or document the experience. However, I was able to document this:

(I guess he has a burning desire to eat fruit whole. This is a banana.)
Here is what Ande has to say about the whole thing: