Wednesday, February 3, 2010

snow day

Literally the day before this happened... was a lovely 63 degrees and as always Ande and I try to take full advantage of those kind of days.
So once again, we ventured over to the park. I love to watch Ande watch all of the bigger kids running around. On this particular day, there were 2 adorable little girls (with matching pink jackets) chasing after this little blonde headed boy. My mind started to wander back to the days of Elementary school when instead of chasing after boys, I was the one being my complete and utter disgust, of course! Suddenly, my reminiscent wanderings back to yesteryear were interrupted when I heard the girls calling after the little boy, "Crayons! Crayyyyyoooonnnnssss!"  

What!? Crayons? Do I need to get my ears checked? For a second I thought I was crazy. Then I heard the mother say to her son, "Crayons, please don't run in the mud." I knew then that it wasn't me who was the crazy one! She named her cute-as-a-button blonde baby boy CRAYONS!

 A week or so ago, Curtis sent out an email that he found on "How to simplify your life." This whole encounter just got me thinking about that again. In my opinion, some people go way too far in trying to be creative when naming their children. Keep it simple people. (I'm now going to take this opportunity to plug some of my favorite baby names...just so it's out there for all to see...I don't want to take any chances...We've already decided on another boy and girl name because we love them so much, Owen & Ella...and NO this is not a hint at me being pregnant!) But the point is not just in keeping it simple when naming your babies, it is in figuring out how to keep everything simple. I think we can learn a few lessons from Ande:

By finding ways to enjoy the little things, like how fun a roll of toilet paper can be.

Or how to be friendly to all you meet, and to keep in touch with old friends.

Or how fun it is to get lost in a good book.

And of course, there is nothing like enjoying the time spent with family!


  1. I loved sledding down your parents driveway! I miss those days. We'd try to go all the way down to the pond.

  2. I know! Curtis and I made it all the way to the pond! We were so excited.

  3. OK...CRAYONS!?!?That is RI DIC U LOUS!!!