Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 1

Today was the first full day without Curtis. I already miss him. I missed him the second Ande and I walked back inside the apartment after dropping him off at the airport. I was thinking man, this is going to be 6 LONGGGGG weeks if I am already feeling like this!

Although, it wasn't long before my mind got a bit distracted. About 2 hours after Curtis left, my mom and I packed up the car and Ande, and headed off to Etowah, NC. My Grandpa is sick. He is really sick. I don't think "sick" is even the right word for it. Right now I am sitting in the hotel room in silence while Ande sleeps. Most of the family is over at the Hospital, which is where we spent most of our day. It has been a really rough couple of days for my Grandpa, Grandma, and their 4 kids. My Grandpa hates being in the hospital. The nurses keep telling us that he has too many visitors and that he will never get well if we keep going in to talk to him. I think the nurses are CRAZY. They especially wouldn't let any children under 13 go in, so we went around, opened up his window from outside and stuck Ande and my cousin Hailey through so he could see them. You'd think that being able to see your family would make you perk up a little bit, not the other way around.

I only got to go in and see Grandpa a couple times, and it was hard to see him like that. I wish everyone could know the person that he is. He was about 17 when he begged his parents to let him inlist during World War 2. He was in the Navy at Pearl Harbor. He always tells us such great stories about the war and his experiences there. Earlier this week, he had an adverse reaction to some medication which made him a little loopy. He suddenly got very aggressive as he hit, kicked, punched, and scratched some of the nurses and my Aunt Vicki. He kept talking about the Japanese, so a nurse said, "Clyde, do you know where you are?" He replied, "I'm in Okonawa, Where are you!?" He may have been a little out of it from the medicine, but that is the fiesty Clyde Galloway that we all love. And he loves all of us just as much. He would do anything for his family.

Right now, in this quiet hotel room, I am feeling so many different emotions..worry, sadness, love... But most of all, I feel such an overwhelming appreciation for family. This may sound cliche, but families are forever. I am so happy that my Grandpa has so many family members here supporting him and surrounding him with love. I am so happy for my brother and sister-in-law to be welcoming their little son into their family. And, I am so grateful for my amazing husband and sweet sweet sweet baby boy.

Families are great.


  1. Such a sweet post. I love families!! And being away from Brandon is probably one of the hardest things I have ever had to do in life. You will make it!

  2. That is one CUTE puppy in your Etsy shop!

  3. Lindsay, The one picture I took last week was the one of the kids at the window. As soon as Jeremy gets home with the camera, I will forward it to you. It will be one of my favorite pictures ever! Jeremy was in the room during that & said Grandaddy got very happy & excited to see them--more so than he had been all that day. Having the kids at the window will be a sweet memory for all of us! Love you!! Jana