Monday, May 24, 2010

Minty Fresh

Let's start off with a little story time:

I suppose I have gotten carried away with the fact that Ande now entertains himself pretty well. He will wander around the house and play by himself for hours if you let him. Very convenient for me, not so convenient for our house. At the end of the day, it looks like a tornado blew past.

So today, I was here on the computer while Ande began re-arranging the paper towels, plastic bags, and soaps under the kitchen sink. No biggie, I would just put it all back later. I started to send Curt an email when I got this overwhelming smell of fresh, minty, eucalyptus-ness in my nose. I looked over and Ande had somehow unscrewed the top off of our favorite eucalyptus spearmint hand soap. He then poured over half the bottle onto the carpet and proceeded to rub his hands all over the huge puddle of soap. He then proceeded to scream bloody murder as I tried to clean it up with the shop-vac. And, after all of that, I still can't get the soapiness out of the carpet.

As I try to focus on the good from this experience, I have learned that my child is either really smart, or has extremely strong grip for his age. And luckily, my house now smells minty fresh, and probably will for the rest of the week!

On to the pictures:

Ande and I went to the pool the other day. He spent more time playing with random equipment than he did in the water.

The faucet:
The trash can, the bars, and the dirt:
The lockers:

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