Friday, July 30, 2010

Great Etsy Find

I love to sew, but I have really only ever done little projects. Besides the pajama pants I made in Home-Ec in high school, the only piece of clothing I've ever made is a Jon-Jon/Romper type thing for my nephew. And, it didn't even fit. So when I see people that can sew great kids clothing, I am in awe.

I'm a big fan of Etsy, not because I have a shop on their website, but because I could sit there and shop around for hours looking at the amazing handmade goodies. So, while doing a search for local artists I found {JOEY AND ALEETHEA}. Wow. They have some amazing clothing for kids. Everything looks so professional and I love the monster theme! It's so easy to find cute frilly things for girls, but not often do you find such great pieces for boys!

Here are two of my favorite things in the shop:

Make sure you check out Joey & Aleethea for dozens of great outfits like these!

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